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Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Has anyone here ever had an Out-of-Body Experience or know what an Out-of-Body Experience is?

An Out-of-Body Experience or O.B.E. is essentially the phenomena of experiencing other planes of existence beyond the physical through facilitating altered states.

Throughout the past several decades there has been several books written on the subject, many referring to this process as Astral Projection. As time went on, it became referred to as Out-of-Body Travel, likely due to the belief that there inside and emanating out from the human body are other bodies. These bodies are called a variety of things depending on who you ask. However, for the sake of this presentation, we will refer to them as Spirit Bodies.

There's a few ways to look at and grasp this concept. Think of it like a Russian Doll, where inside, there's another doll comprised within each.

(insert russian dolls)

Another way to understand this idea is by looking at it as an onion where an onion is multilayered. With this example, we understand that the spirit bodies are closer in relation to each other and essentially 'bleed' into the other. The states within each of these experiences are so subtly variant that you almost don't perceive any difference, boundary, or separation.

However, through continuous traversing on these planes and conducting different exercises, you can begin to develop a sort of reference guide for deciphering each plane. A key point to note is the subtle, yet profound implications when it comes to the varying differences in Physics.

To expound on this idea, I present you with yet another image or concept for grasping the Art form and natural process which is Out-of-Body Travel. I want you to think of your Physical Body as a vehicle. Let's say this vehicle is a car.

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